Rectangular Ducting Components For Installs With SEM10 Motor

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Warranty: 6 years

3yr + 3yr warranty bonus on all SIRIUS Hoods when Sirius Ducting is used

Use of any ducting material not suited for rangehood applications will void customer warranty.


Important Information Regarding Your SEM10 Motor Install

Please ensure that you and your installer reads through all of the following information within the spec sheet below before purchasing and installing your downdraft hood and SEM 10 motor. It is essential that these guidelines are followed in order to achieve optimum performance of your range hood. Incorrect installation will degrade the performance of your range hood and void your warranty.

Notes: Styles of ducting components may vary from images.

The ducting components within this listing are compatible for usage with the SEM10 / SEM12 motor only and are not compatible with other SEM motors.