Sirius Rangehood

A master piece in Italian Designed Rangehood

A rangehood that takes your kitchen to a next level with its elegance and extremely good functionalities. Right from sourcing the most suitable compounds to designing the stylish and most practical models for various applications, rangehoods are in our DNA. Sirius is comprised of development and research engineers and who are focused on residential air ventilation & purification. This particular expertise guarantees the greatest and the latest results for your kitchen.

You can always be sure that Sirius has something to offer you.

Valentina Collection

Exquisite Luxury Rangehoods taking your kitchen to the next level

Luxury has never felt so functional. Finding the perfect balance of design and form, the Valentina Collection boasts a style and sophistication not often associated with rangehood design.

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Sirius Ducting

Sirius offer a complete range of ducting kits and components for all types of rangehood installations. We are so confident in our ducting solutions, when you use Sirius ducting you receive an additional 3 years warranty on your Sirius rangehood. Don’t sacrifice performance and quality on inferior alternatives on the market.