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Sirius Remote Control

Generating a New Transmission Code

Generating a new transmission code is required after changing batteries in the remote control or in rare cases that the rangehood
is behaving erratically due to other RF frequencies in the area.
Completing this process creates a unique frequency between the rangehood and the remote control. No other remote control can operate the rangehood from this point forward. This process is required to be repeated if the batteries of the remote are removed or changed.

Step 1

On the inside of the rangehood you will find a red button. Please note that the location of this button will vary depending on the model. This is the main power button for the rangehood. Press the button to turn the power off.

Step 2

Hold down the three vertical middle buttons until the lights on the remote illuminate.

Step 3

Then hold down the + & - buttons until the lights on the remote flash three times.

Step 4

Press the red button on the inside of the rangehood again. You will feel a click as you press the power to switch back on

Step 5

Press the light button until the light on the rangehood turns on. Please note that this process needs to be completed within 15 seconds to take effect.