Air Movement Calculator

*Area measuring includes kitchen/dining/lounge areas if open plan.


The calculator on this page is provided as a general guide, designed to help you select an exhaust fan which may be suitable for your needs.

By simply inputting into the calculator the dimensions of your room, and the type of room/application for the fan, the calculator will provide you with a suggested general capacity range in cubic metres per hour (m3/hr) to help narrow down your exhaust fan options.

Important Notice: This information is provided as a guide only. It does not constitute specific advice. Suggestions are provided based on the theoretical capacity required for a given room, based on room dimensions, and suggested rate of air changes per hour.

It does not provide nor recommend a specific ventilation solution for a particular area. Information in relation to suggested rate of air changes per hour is based on current Australian Building Codes, and is provided as a general guide in relation to what could be considered common installation situations and reasonable expectations.

It should be noted that besides just the dimensions of the room, there are several other factors that should also be taken into account, as they can have an effect on the final outcome in terms of achieving a desired result.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Materials in the room – materials such as ceramic tiles, windows, mirrors can result in higher levels of steam
  • Existing levels of dampness or excessive humidity
  • Is there sufficient air flow into the room?
  • Is there good cross-flow ventilation to allow the fan to draw towards the vent?
  • Is the fan ducted? Ducting a fan will generally have an effect on the overall capacity of the fan – the longer the ducting, and the more bends in the ducting, the less capacity the fan has
  • Is it the correct type of fan motor for the application?
  • Expectation of the client in relation to how much and how quickly the steam will be removed.
  • Our staff would be pleased to help you select a suitable solution for your particular application.