Sirius Charcoal/Carbon Filter For Sirius 58cm Re-Circulating Downdraft (SPS-60070199999)

  • SPS-60070199999
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Please Note: This listing is for one charcoal filter for the Sirius 58cm downdraft in a flush or proud mount finish. This model of range hood requires two separate filters at the one time. These filters are not designed for use with other rangehood models.


Replacement charcoal/carbon filters for the Sirius 58cm downdraft with re-circulating extraction through an SEM10 extraction motor.

Sirius recommends replacing your charcoal carbon filters at least every 3-6 months depending on the frequency and style of your cooking. The charcoal filters are used in conjunction with your aluminium mesh filters for re-circulating extraction and are designed to absorb cooking fats and grease within the filters. These filters cannot be cleaned and therefore require replacing. You will notice when your charcoal filters will require replacing as the air being circulated within the room will no longer be clean after a period of time as the charcoal filters will have reached their maximum capability and therefore require replacing.