Sirius 125mm Ducting Kit for Extraction through an External Eave (SEEK-125)

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Purchasing Sirius ducting with your Sirius range hood will give you an additional 3 years of warranty on your Sirius range hood. Just keep a copy of the transaction for reference. This additional 3 year warranty offer is only valid on Sirius range hoods where Sirius ducting is installed.

Sirius ducting kits are a high quality and simple, complete solution in a box. They provide an ideal ventilation path to efficiently exhaust your kitchen fumes, steam, heat and odours filtered through your range hood to the outside atmosphere.

Please check that there is a clear path for your ducting to run prior to installation, making sure to look out for TV, computer, telephone and electrical cables, water and gas pipes, insulation materials and air conditioning pipes and duct, before cutting holes.

Using Sirius ducting provides you with the best possible outcome:

  • Lowest Noise Level
  • Best Quality Air Flow
  • Optimum Performance of your Range Hood


This ducting kit includes:

  • 3 metres of Semi-Rigid Ducting in either a 125mm diameter (this ducting is thin enough that it can be easily bent to make it nice and easy to install, but thick enough that it will not rattle around when the range hood is in operation. It comes in the kit in a 1 metre length and needs to be stretched out to 3 metres in length prior to installing)
  • 2 x Universal Galvanised Steel Ring Clamps for easily connecting your ducting
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Eve Vent With Mesh for 125mm Ducting Kit Only
  • 1 x Galvanised Steel Duct Adapter from 125mm to 150mm

The semi-rigid ducting is fire rated to 250 degrees Celsius and meets all current criteria for relevant Australian and New Zealand standards. It is compressed to around one metre for convenient shipping and storage and can be stretch out to 3 metres for effective installation.

This ducting should only be installed by a qualified, experienced and licensed installer. We accept no responsibility for range hood faults and issues which are caused by incorrect installations or by unqualified installers

Note: 125mm ducting kits are not designed for Sirius single motor and off board units which utilise 150mm ducting. Do not reduce your ducting size under any circumstance.

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