Integrated Downdraft Collection
Introducting the only fully Integrated Downdraft on the market, with powerful extraction, and completley hidden installation this rangehood will be an ideal soltion for any modern kitchen. The light strip on the Downdraft emits a gentle glow, while providing visual feedback to indicate when the system is in operation. Not only does this rangehood improve ventilation and air quality in your home, but its sleek design will be sure to turn heads as the talking piece of your kitchen. With quieter offboard operation and a timeless aesthetic, Sirius's Integrated Downdraft rangehood is ideal any 900mm-1100mm cooktop.
  • Offboard European Made Motor
  • Aluminium Mesh Filter
  • Can be Recirculated
  • Induction Safe
  • Light Strip
  • Handcrafted in Italy
Product Specifications
Rangehood type

Integrated Downdraft


Separate remote location with touch control and remote control 

Speed settings


Ducting diameter


Extraction type

Offboard motor


SEM71 & SEM81


Aluminium mesh filter

Safety features



Light strip

Induction Countdown Control


Electrical requirement


Dimensions (fully extended) (mm)

W1133 x D97 x H300


3 years (6 years when Sirius ducting is used)

Features & Benefits
Offboard European Made Motor

Sirius has devised a simple yet effective way of providing a well-ventilated kitchen without the unpleasant noise. We call it the Sirius External Motor (SEM), where is the motor is located outside of the rangehood which reduces the amount of noise. Sirius are so confident in their motors that they offer customers peace of mind with their extensive 10-year warranty - so you can be assured of optimal performance for years to come.

Aluminium Mesh Filter

Not only is the aluminium filter easy to install and maintain, but it also provides superior filtration capabilities. The filter is designed with a special deep pleat design that helps capture grease, smoke, and other cooking odours before they enter the room. The aluminium filter is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and can be easily removed from the hood when needed.

Can be Recirculated

With this rangehood, you have the option of ducting out to an exit or recirculating. The difference between these two is that recirculation means the air passes through a filter and recirculates back inside whereas ducted means the air exhausted to outside.

Induction Safe

Induction technology uses the base of the pan or pot to become the heat source for cooking. When using an induction cooktop, very little ambient heat is produced compared to gas. This means that little of the moisture and steam from cooking is evaporated and so hits the cold filters of the rangehood. This can pool and drip down if the unit doesn’t have sufficient extraction and baffle filters.

Light Strip

The light strip is conveniently located around the top of the downdraft, providing brighter illumination and a unique style feature. This improved visibility ensures that users can properly see what they are doing when chopping vegetables or stirring sauces.

Handcrafted in Italy

Sirius Rangehoods is a luxury brand of rangehoods that are hand-crafted in Italy. Established in 1996 in Sassoferrato, Sirius has established itself as a leading manufacturer of top end rangehoods due to its bold, innovative designs and its commitment to using only the finest materials and craftsmanship.