Sirius Universal Ring Clamps To Connect Range Hood Ducting - Set of 2

Ducting Connectors
  • URC25-215
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The Sirius Pair of Universal Ring Clamps is a simple and easy way to ensure your range hood ducting is secure and positioned optimally for airflow. With a diameter that adjusts from 25 to 215cm, these clamps will fit a variety of duct sizes and Sirius ducting can be used with all major brands of range hoods. The easy-to-use securing mechanism lets you quickly position the ducting as needed, and the clamps are available in different sizes to suit different layouts.

Key Features

  • Features a 25 to 215cm diameter to suit varying duct sizes
  • Easy to secure mechanism lets you quickly position your ducting at its ideal orientation
  • Available in varying sizes to suit different ducting layouts
  • Can be used universally with other range hood brands