Sirius rangehood improves induction cooking experience

Sirius rangehood improves induction cooking experience

Apr 04, 2024

Sirius, a leading innovator in kitchen ventilation solutions, is launching a new rangehood heated undermount technology, designed specifically for induction cooktops by better managing steam and condensation in the kitchen.

The new Sirius heated undermount rangehood features an advanced anti-condensation system that effectively eliminates steam and moisture build up, ensuring a clearer cooking environment and preventing water damage to surrounding surfaces.

The technology is particularly beneficial for induction cooktops, which are known for efficiency and precision, but can produce significant amounts of steam.

A built-in heating element with anti-condensation technology warms the air, preventing condensation from forming on the rangehood and surrounding areas. High-performance fans quickly and quietly extract steam and odours, maintaining a fresh and clean kitchen atmosphere.

The undermount installation provides a seamless look, while the elegant black glass finish adds a touch of sophistication. Removable filters and smooth surfaces promise easy cleaning.

Sirius Australia national sales and marketing manager, Rachael Williams said, “We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary anti-condensation technology to the market. Our commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in this product, which addresses a common challenge faced by many cooks using induction cooktops. We believe it will not only enhance the cooking experience but also contribute to a healthier and more comfortable home environment.”

The Sirius heated undermount rangehood is now available for purchase in standard and extra deep sizes through authorised dealers and distributors.